More than 50 years since the Beaumont children were taken from Glenelg, what inroads have been made in the investigation?

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Hi there!

Yes, you, sitting there trying to nut out an essay.

Or you there, doing a whole week’s worth of dishes in one sitting because you can’t adult yet.

Or even you, you guilt-tripped sloth who is going for a walk because you haven’t left the house in days. You look like you could use a ~podcast~.

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October 2016

October – the month of the year where it’s okay to be a schpookie weirdo.

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So, I know by now thousands of people (lel) will be wondering, Meredith, where do you get these books, curios and other creepy stuff?

Well, in Shopping for Spook I’m going to let you in on years of research on the best places in South Australia to buy strange and unusual books, bits and bobs.

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Sorry for the break there, I had to do some  assignments – and I still have to do a couple of exams on Thursday – but now I have the time to focus on the really important stuff. Like Richard Loeb and Nathan Leopold!

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So, by now, I have realised it is way easier to write about scary movies than it is to write about true crime.

I think there are a few reasons for this.

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Australia may not lead the world in the quality of its soapies, police shows or reality television just yet, but I can proudly say – without bias – that we are responsible for the BEST DAMN TRUE CRIME  DOCUMENTARY SERIES OF ALL TIME.

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