Kill them all! And by ‘all’ I don’t mean all the members of your family (dude, the fuck?).

I mean all the Amityville films that have ever been made.

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Ok, so Jigsaw’s coming out this weekend and because my life is meaningless, I’m watching all the Saw films!

I snapped up these bad boys when our local Leading Edge video shop shut down in August.

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a.k.a. men kill women and other men don’t seem as outraged as they should be tbh.

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Entertainment 4/5    Spookles 2/5

Thanks to The Upside News for hooking the two authors of this blog up with a doubles to the preview screening! I

f you live in Adelaide and like live music, theatre, festivals and arts, go check them out.

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How good is it when you can say ‘yeah, but the book was better?’

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Hi there!

Yes, you, sitting there trying to nut out an essay.

Or you there, doing a whole week’s worth of dishes in one sitting because you can’t adult yet.

Or even you, you guilt-tripped sloth who is going for a walk because you haven’t left the house in days. You look like you could use a ~podcast~.

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