Hello! I’m a Adelaide-based fan of all things creepy. My hometown is known for its weird and somewhat dark unsolved crimes and from a young age, my late maternal grandma instilled in me a curiosity for all things unexplained – even if other people think its too macabre.

I started watching horror films as a pre-teen. I am constantly searching for the same level of creepy ghost stories at camp and scary movies at sleepovers gave me.

I’ve studied Law and Journalism, and plan to study Social Work and Criminology in the future.

Current Obsessions: Worm farming. Birds. Unsolved crimes.

Heroes and Idols: John E. Douglas. Olivia Benson. Rosie Batty.

Favourite True Crime Books: Everything by John E. Douglas.

Horror Movies that Most Scared Me: The Ring. Sinister.

Favourite Places: South Australia. London. The Netherlands. Laos. Melbourne.

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