Saw (2004)

Ok, so Jigsaw’s coming out this weekend and because my life is meaningless, I’m watching all the Saw films!

I snapped up these bad boys when our local Leading Edge video shop shut down in August.

4/5 Entertainment                                                  4/5 Spookles

My face when the hummus isn’t on special

Ok, so I had totally forgotten how radical this movie was when it first came out. It still goes the distance, even when the gotcha moments have diminished.


  • Actors

Though my god, sometimes when Lawrence says things, it sounds exactly like Will Ferrel in a sketch) (MY FAMILY NEED ME, YOU BASTARD etc haha)

  • Idea and Screenplay

So cool – I have a hankering for movies based in one place (Twelve Angry Men, Hard Candy). Saw does this to a lesser extent, but I really like the scenes with just Adam and Lawrence in the bathroom.

  • Traps

I remember when this film came out, I was in Year 7 and although I didn’t se it until a wee while later, just having the premise described to me gave me the willies. It’s so maniacally evil and great for storytelling.

Things that didn’t gel:

I have no complaints, besides that the plot can sometimes feel a little bit jumpy, but I guess it had to be to achieve what they wanted it to do.

Interesting facts:

The character of Adam is played by the film’s Melbournian screenwriter Leigh Whannell, who started off in Neighbours and Blue Heelers.

According to Reel to Real, Lawrence could survive up to a few hours after sawing his foot off, as long as he did excellent tourniqueting. Now using a shirt would  be hard to get tight enough, and his tourniquet looks a bit shitty in the film. However, if we accept that the guy is a Qualified Medical Professional, surely he can do a decent job even with terrible materials. So, hello ambiguous ending!

Naw, look at these loveable larrikins!

Final word:

When this film came out, I remember being so excited that the filmmakers came from Melbourne, and were receiving such huge international attention and acclaim. I still feel that way today. SAW is an Aussie export that we don’t crow enough about. Especially considering both Australians makers, James Wan and Leigh Whannell, have gone onto other huge franchises like Insidious and The Conjuring. You are welcome world!

And before the Australian Film Institute come at me, I know it isn’t officially and Australian-Made Dinky-Di Dick Smith movie, but hey, sue me.



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