True Crime Podcasts for Your Perusal

Hi there!

Yes, you, sitting there trying to nut out an essay.

Or you there, doing a whole week’s worth of dishes in one sitting because you can’t adult yet.

Or even you, you guilt-tripped sloth who is going for a walk because you haven’t left the house in days. You look like you could use a ~podcast~.

Now, my taste in podcast has possibly (d)evolved in the last few years.

I became seriously addicted to them when I was 16 and started working in a hospital, where I would enter data and then file papers for hours on end.

I make it sound rough, but this was one of the the best jobs I’ve ever had. No interaction with customers, a mix of sitting, standing and walking around and, best of all, I was allowed to have earphones in 24/7.

So, for all you people who get sick of listening to banger after banger on Spotify, Apple Music or on your Disc-man – here’s a list of podcasts which ar either true crime themed, or at least approach the subject from time to time.


The Last Podcast on the Left

Oh, man. These guys, Henry Zebrowski, Marcus Parks and Ben Kissel, are probably the only ‘true crime, spooky’ podcast makers who have had me LITERALLY WEEPING FROM LAUGHTER on many many unexpected occasions.

The episodes, which come out weekly, are really really well-researched, and tons of book recommendations come from the presenters on where the get their facts from. But at the same time, instead of being overly-educational, the episodes are like walking in on the private drinking session of the three weirdest, most OTT, funniest guys you know. Oh man, they are just great. They can get pretty risqué, but they’ve never even approached the line over to rekt and they just seem like cool, hearts-of-gold kinda fellas. That love ripping into murderers, cult leaders, whiny stalkers and each other.

My first episode: David Bowie and The Occult. Oh man, I stumbled across this episode a while ago now, and I listened to it when DB died and still listen to it if I have a bum of a day. The presenters just paint such a visual of Bowie living off cocaine, milk and red peppers for a year – what a time to be alive!

Other episodes to listen to:  All the ListenerPasta and Sexy Ghost episodes – they are the most ridiculously funny ones. Also the Jeffrey Dahmer series and Leonard Lake and Charles Ng. Columbine is great too. Even if you know the facts back-to-front, you could listen to these guys talk about a case all day, because they get so off-track.

Check them all out at The Last Podcast On The Left


 Sword and Scale

Now on a more serious note. Sword and Scale is excellent for coverage of little known cases from the States. The presenter attracts controversy for various reasons, but I like listening to most of these episodes. They contain a lot of live audio and he takes on some very heavy-hitting subject matter.

My first episode: I remember I downloaded a bunch of random eps before a plan ride to Melbourne. Among those was this one, about a documentary titled “Are All Men Pedophiles?”, – it’s a super wrecked one, but thought-provoking.

Recommended episode: This one, about ‘stand your ground’ laws in the US, I can never get out of my mind.

Real Crime Profile

This is my most recent addition to the go-tos, and boy, I’m bummed that I didn’t get onto it sooner. The premise is two ridiculously qualified people, Laura Richards and Jim Clement , discuss and ‘profile’ cases that are in the news.

Laura is a criminal behavioural analyst who has worked in the Behavioural Analysis Unit, National Centre for the Analysis of Violent Crime at the FBI and in New Scotland Yard. She is also Founder and Director of Paladin, the world’s first National Stalking Advocacy Service. Jim is a a retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent/Profiler and former Prosecutor for the New York City Law Department. Do I need to say anything more?

Recommended episode: The Murder of Reeva Steenkamp by Oscar Pistorius.

A really interesting exploration of abusive behaviour in relationships


This American Life

While This American Life only sometimes takes on the topic of crime, it’s an excellent podcast whatever they choose to cover. The calming tones of Ira Glass, the amazing work of contributors like Sarah Koenig and Nancy Updike will take your mind off whatever drudgery you might be doing.

Full list of crime related episodes available here

Recommended episode: Not specifically true crime, but one of the freakiest, is the babysitting episode.

That’s the shortlist guys. What podcasts are you into? What am I missing out on? Comment and let me know, you generous weirdos.




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