Flatliners (2017)

4/5 Entertainment   2.5/5 Spookles

The Breakfast Club get mad high and then some scary stuff happens.

Look, I am completely biased. I love Ellen Page. I love smart people doing smart stuff. I like laughing and being spooked.

For those reasons, and maybe because I’m riding the high of winning free tickets to a preview showing of this movie, I’m saying that this film is pretty great.

A LIL SPOILERS? MAYBE? I’ll try not too.

Before we begin, I have not seen the original, so I have no idea if my criticisms lie with the plot makeup of the first film or not.

So, there are only two flaws with this film. Ellen Page needs, even though she’s a main character, needs a thousand times more screen time. Let’s just nix the cast and make it a one-woman show? Like Hard Candy i.e one of the greatest films of all time.

I’m kidding (kind of), because the casting of this film is really great. It’s like, Breakfast Club great, the jock, the smartest guy, the nerdy girl, the pretty girl and the badass and oh, what’s this THE BADASS IS A GIRL AND ITS ELLEN PAGE OMG.

Also for me, I found the film a little front-heavy. like the set-up is great, there’s pretty excellent character introduction and then boom we are right into the action. But then, the ending is way to, like, simple? Like some things are just too neatly tied up and it just left me a bit cold. I think i would be an improvement if this film followed more of a Final Destination line and each member was killed off in wacky and terrifying ways!

Also, if you work in the medical field just suspend reality for a bit because some of the shit they do don’t make sense but some does so it’s ok!

Gratuitous unrelated picture – fuck me up girl

Man, I don’t even know what to say. I just think this film hit some really good buttons and the cast was great and the story pretty cool. It’d make a great first-date movie, there’s just the right amount of ‘gotcha’ moments for a horror movie, but way more plot and creativity in it then a whole bunch of ‘scarier’ films.

Go and see it when you can!




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