It (2017)

Float on, horror fans! 4.5 red balloons out of 5

So – what is my relationship with the divine Mr King? Surely, as a self-professed horror fan, I must be all up in his business – books, movies, tele-series.

Well, big surprise, I’m the worst horror fan ever. Other than Carrie, and his ridiculously good On Writing, I haven’t read a Stephen King book.

And I’m far more versed in the films of his stories that would be classified as thriller-drama, Stand By Me, Shawshank Redemption and the like, then his horror. In fact, as of last week, I had only seen The Shining and Misery.

Then, out of the blue, my friend Rhiannon (sometimes a guest poster here on WTLDL) and I decided to go see the new It film.

We decided we should probably watch the original movie released in 1990. Rhiannon saw the whole thing but due to my paranoid fear of downloading movies – I only managed to find a stream of the first half.

Little did I know, this would end up being quite fortuitous. DUN DUN DUN.

So, we went to Reading Cinemas (the were the first SA cinemas to offer 10 dollar tickets) for an afternoon screening. Oh boy, was it great!

The new It follows just the childhood storylines of the ‘loser’ club, as they experience and eventually battle the unseen monster living in their town’s sewers. The young actors are great, there are some really satisfying an unexpected jump scares (they totally got me!) and the pace and visuals are more pleasing than the original. The only complaint I had over the new film was that some things are overexploited in some scenes, where the original left in some vagueness that I thought added to the creepiness.

Surprisingly, as the marketing department has obviously done a bit of a job in keeping it under-wraps, the movie is in fact a ‘chapter one’. It ends after the kids leave the sewers and take a blood-oath that they will return to fight the monster again should it ever reappear and terrorise their hometown. Obviously, the next movie will be the adults turn.

Having not seen the second half of the original film, nor read the book, I am still completely in the dark about how this film is going to end! Hello 24 years with no spoilers yet! I am super excited to see the next one, but unfortunately it sounds as if script development isn’t even expected to be finished until February 2018.

All in all, I think everyone will enjoy this movie. It’s the perfect amount of scary, the young actors are great (although, I sorely missed my weird inexplicable man-crush Seth Green from the OG version) and like all King stories, there’s so many theories that your mind can make about what this story is an allegory for. I can’t watch either version without immediately thinking of a bunch of kids being targeted by some sort of community figure who is really a predator, ad all the adults being unable or unwilling to see what is really going on.

I’m as confused as you are, Seth

Go see this movie! To quench my scary Stephen thirst until the second half comes out, I’m going to attempt to read the book. Ta ta!


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