Spooky Booky; What am I reading now?

October 2016

October – the month of the year where it’s okay to be a schpookie weirdo.

I have been smashing the true crime, horror and metaphysical sections of all bookstores trying to find the good stuff to tell you guys about. What did I find? Read on below



Book: Cries Unheard – Why Children Kill: The Story of Mary Bell

By: Gitta Sereny

Where I got it: bookdepository.com

How I got it: I have Buzzfeed to thank yet again. I’m always on the look out for lists of true crime ‘must reads’ and this list – 18 Creepily Fascinating True Crime Books You Really Need To Read – has led me to lots of goodies.

Thought so far: I’m really enjoying this one. I’ll admit, I was feeling a bit burnt-out after bingeing for so long on true crime, but I have found that if I take a topic and explore it in depth, focusing on the causes and similarities rather than the shock-horror, tabloid-y aspect, I can discover whole levels of understanding and enjoyment than just reading compendiums of cases and stuff.

Right now, I’m really into kids who kill. This really goes right into the heart of the argument of nature vs. nurture – which is the Gordian knot of crime literature. Even leaving those arguments aside, it’s mind-boggling to realise how many of these children are forced to participate in an adult legal system. This is what happened to Mary Bell and it’s a total bummer.




Book: Crimes That Shaped The Law

By: David Field

Where I got it: O’Connell’s Bookshop

How I got it: Lexis Nexis is the law student equivalent of crack cocaine. This is part of my retirement nest egg.

Thoughts so far: Loving it – I totally wish I had this when I was studying Evidence because being able to learn legal concepts from the facts is the best way. The Court deals with facts and applies legal precedent to it – it’s an integral part of learning the Law and realistically, the only way to remember cases.

I don’t like to separate society into legal scholars and plebs, but if you are looking for regular true crime, pass on this. If however, you are interested in how Judges decide cases, how really people go through the rollercoaster system of the courts and media through no fault of their own, or just want to know more about the law – this book is for you.




Book: The Complete Illustrated Guide To Tarot

By: Rachel Pollack i.e. TAROT freakin’ ROYALTY

Where I got it:  Goolwa Lions Club Book Market

Why I got it: So, consider this breaking the seal on bringing my tarot obsession to this blog. Although I don’t consider it schpookie per se, I want to write about it and I know a lot of people consider it dark/left-hand path. I repeat, it is not necessarily these thing, but it is part of the occult and the occult can be schpookie – so it’s coming to this blog.

Thoughts so far: I LURVE Rachel Pollack. Her thoughts on the tarot are really transcendental and cool. This book would be great for everyone, from beginners to experience readers.

I found the most useful part of this book is its in-depth coverage and explanation on types of spreads. I can et stuck in the same routine with tarot so really appreciated the chance to try out The Soul Quest spread and simple Three Card variations. I also made up one on the fly while doing a reading for someone and it worked so flipping well that it is becoming part of the repertoire. MORE ON TAROT LATER TBC.


So yeah, that’s what I’m reading at the moment. Feel free to let me know what kind of creepy stuff you are reading/have read and recommend and I will check it out.



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