Shopping for Spook – Edition #1 Moonta Antiques

So, I know by now thousands of people (lel) will be wondering, Meredith, where do you get these books, curios and other creepy stuff?

Well, in Shopping for Spook I’m going to let you in on years of research on the best places in South Australia to buy strange and unusual books, bits and bobs.

A month and a half ago, Shaslick and I went to the Yorke Peninsula on a weekend trip. It was nice as, and surprisingly the Wallaroo foodland has a huge range of vegan/vegetarian options (who would have guessed?).

But the highlight of the trip (I mean, besides celebrating our five year anniversary and that jazz) was a jumble shop in Moonta.

When I say jumble shop, I mean a real treasure trove that you could spend hours sifting through. The owner has obviously spent hours finding, sorting and displaying amazing secondhand and vintage items. There were two front rooms and a huge warehouse out back. There were specified areas for books, jewellery kitchenware, furniture and even a creepy as cabinet filled with old medical objects! MY PEOPLE!

I found heaps of cool stuff, but one item in particular blew my mind.


150 magazines guys, with the first one still in the original starter-pack.

It was hidden in a corner, underneath a box of discount books. Here’s the kicker though… the price?

45 dollary-doos!

Immediately, I started hyperventilating and flagging down Shaslick. Even though I am an independent woman, I do share a house with my partner and she has a veto power. And rightly so.

Such items that have been vetoed include:

  • A dead bird
  • A sheep skull and spine that hadn’t been cleaned
  • Dermestid beetles
  • A spider-infested magicians table that I left outside for over a year because I was going to ‘fix it up’

The list goes on.

But, luckily for me, i had been talking about finishing off my two crime magazine collections for a while, and Shas immediately saw what I was excited about and got excited too.

So here I am, the proud owner of TWO BOXES of Murder Casebook: Investigations into the Ultimate Crime.


It may surprise some, but I prefer TC magazines to books, because the images that magazines somehow get access to really assist the reporting. They also give you a decent overview of a case, and if it catches your attention, you can seek out novels, films and other media to learn more. (Also including, hours of googling haha).

So, if you are ever on the Yorke Peninsula, make sure to drop into Moonta Antiques at

41-43 George St
Moonta, South Australia

Check out their Facebook page too!

One final note: If you have an interest in true crime magazines – leave a comment. I’m going to have a giveaway soon and want these babies to go to a good home.



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