V/H/S (2012)

V/H/YES! 4 out of 5 young housebreakers

Oh maaaan, sometimes after I have done a few negative reviews in a row, I start feeling like Seymour Skinner himself.

But luckily, just when you have started to wonder if you are spending too many dollars on over-hyped horror blockbusters, Netflix comes to the rescue.

Introducing… V/H/S. Shout out to JB for the recommendation, I’m definitely going to pick your brain for more.

V/H/S is pretty quality horror, because it realises that an audience can get scared in around 5 minutes, rather than 130. The overarching story involves some pretty disgusting dudes breaking into a house to steal a videotape (yeah, bit flimsy on the old plot there, but oh well).

While watching said tapes to find the ‘one’, the audience gets treated to multiple vignettes of horror. The best part is, this format allows the film to really flex all of the horror-genre muscles: stalker horror, sic-fi, paranormal and good old gore.

Googling the film after, I found out that each vignette is by a different director, and Adam Winged (yes, him again) directs the overarching house break in story.

My one complaint is that they should have had one more house breaker so that the movie ended on the overarching storyline,w her it began, rather than the lest tape just randomly beginning to play itself. I’m not sure if this was meant to make it spookier – it just came off as a bit of under-planning.

As a final comment, I couldn’t help but notice that this film is filled with horrendous characters who are all men (rapey, manipulative etc) and a buttload of kick ass female characters. There are of course exceptions, but it was to the extent that if any of the directors had been female, people would have been screaming that the director had pushed their feminist agenda into horror. But when a dude does it, it’s just gnarly. *sigh*

But yeah, watch V/H/S, it’s a perfect Friday night horror-flick that doesn’t require a whole lot of attention but gives a great pay-off. Now I just have to suss out the next two instalments and hopefully, continue the dream.





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  1. I remember really liking the first one, too. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the second, and was bitterly disappointed. Hopefully I’m wrong.


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