Pathology (2008)

I don’t know if it’s horror, but I liked it!

3 out of 5

Ok, so I’m not sure what criteria is used to classify a movie as ‘horror’. To me, a horror movie is designed to scare you and leave the scare with you. For example, your reaction to TV fuzz after watching The Ring.

This movie wasn’t a traditional horror film, but I dug the hell out of it!

It mixes your ‘smart kids gone bad’ with an episode of CSI. Also, heaps of crack pipes! And sex! And dead bodies!

If you are the kind of person that find organs and blood disgusting, maybe pass on this one. It’s not a ‘thing’ for me, but two scenes in this film definitely gave me the willies.

Also, for any L Word watchers, Dana’s ex-girlfriend is one of the leads in this!


Also, actor Michael Weston


looks so much like Thom Yorke from Radiohead that the character and Thom kind of blended together but it kinda worked.


Summing up, if you want to see a movie where you think ‘wow, I’m watching this on film,what kind of person am I?” rather than wee yourself, I would recommend Pathology!



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