You’re Next (2011)

4.5 out of 5 – More like this please!

I am writing this on a post-new favourite movie high. You’re Next is the horror/thriller ‘mumblegore’ film that we have all been waiting for.

I must admit, I was nervous about watching this. You know how everyone has their ‘thing’ that really scares the shit out of them. Demonic possession is a common one, as is spiders and small spaces. Well, apologies for being to0 kooky to function, but mine is pretty left of centre.

Jokes, it’s home invasion! Ahhh yes that’s right. Nothing like good old intrusion into your sanctuary to commit some horrific crimes to really get to ya.

So when I read the blurb and saw the cover of this movie, I started to think it may fuck me up just a bit too much.

Nevertheless, I settled down last night to watch this. If you have seen the movie, or don’t ever plan on seeing it and just want a further in-depth discussion of it, check out the IMDB forum posts for some insights that I hadn’t even thought of! So good, thanks internet!

I just have to say that the cast (shout out to Wendy Glenn for repping creepy gals and being a babe), the cinematography and the plot of You’re Next is exactly my cup of tea.


If you like a mix of believable plot, kick ass Australian characters in a American film (totally unexpected but very much appreciated) and the right amount of scares and gore – I command you to get thee to You’re Next.




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