Crime Investigation Australia: A Love Letter

Australia may not lead the world in the quality of its soapies, police shows or reality television just yet, but I can proudly say – without bias – that we are responsible for the BEST DAMN TRUE CRIME  DOCUMENTARY SERIES OF ALL TIME.

Crime Investigation Australia aired on Channel 9 (for all us non- pay tv plebs) in 2007. I remember only catching a few minutes of one episode and thinking, I’m morbidly interested in this and 2. wow, this is really well made.


Steve Liebmann is the perfect host. He gives the facts as they are, in that beautiful mid-range and sanded to a smooth shine timbre of his, without upping the schtick go shocking or being too  in what are some truly horrific crimes.

The episodes themselves are all based on Australian crimes, some more well known than others.  The subject is always murder, abduction or both. If you want to watch heists and drug busts, THIS IS NOT THE SHOW FOR YOU.

But as well as being the type of crime that interests me, it is the quality of the episodes themselves. They are the perfect mix of recount and dramatisation and the ‘guests’ they feature range from victims’ families to senior police and other investigators. Literal gold, and all watchable from your living room.

Check the series out for yourself in this handy playlist some benevolent stranger has made:

They are my go-to whenever i am stuck doing a chore I hate.

Two warnings though.

One. Do not watch the ones about crimes conducted in the city you live in. You will never sleep again.

Two. Whenever you are walking alone and start to feel that creepy vibe, you will start to hear Steve Liebmann’s voice in your head… “It was a cool September morning. Stacey, a local student, was catching a bus into town” etc. Be prepared.





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