Spooky Booky – What am I reading now?

As a poly-attentive reader, I have a few books on the go at any one time.

Don’t worry, I try and keep all of them in the loop, maintain open lines of communication and do my bit to make sure I keep appointments and personal commitments to each and every one of them. And you know what? That is just what works for me.

I’m not judging you, those of you who have to start a book at page one and keep on keeping on until you turn over that final page, never getting your eyes stray away from those pages. I just need to be able to move from a book to a book, finishing some in a single go, going back to others over the span of a few weeks, keeping things fresh.

At the moment, I have three books that I am reading. All true crime, all recent additions to my true crime “library” (I use the word library because it makes it sound more benevolent, like I am doing a public service. Also, because using the word collection makes me think of that show The Collectors, and that host that turned out to collect kiddie porn. What a COINKY-DINK!).


Book: Every Move You Make: Chilling True Stories of Stalkers and their Victims

By: Victoria Heywood

Where I got it: Kmart for NINE DOLLARY-DOOS!

How I got it: Looked good on the shelf

Thoughts so far: Look, I will admit – I thought this was going to be a run-of-the-mill piece of Kmart pulpy true crime. But I was wrong. Omg, what a buy. New content that I haven’t read about before, a really good voice and just a wide approach to the topic. Not just recounts of cases, and not just really deep analysis either – a really enjoyable read which is currently my book of choice on the bus.


Book: The Most Dangerous Animal of All: Searching for my father… and finding the Zodiac Killer

By: Gary L. Stewart and Susan Mustafa

Where I got it: Dymocks for $7.99 in a mid-year book sale

How I got it: This book made a big splash when it came out, I picked it up a few times at the airport thinking, I should read this. However, it kind of fell off my radar until I saw it at the top of the escalator for such a bargain price.

Thought so far: Interesting new format for a true crime book. I like the authors’ setting of the scene and the extraneous information which guarantees interest even for those who know a lot about Zodiac already. This book certainly convinced me for a while, but taking a step back I know that it wasn’t the ‘case-closed’ book it may have been marketed as. Nevertheless, it offers a new perspective on the case and taught me a lot I didn’t know, especially about the various Zodiac codes.


Book: Fatal Vision

By: Joe McGinniss

Where I got it:  book depository.com (not a plug, just honestly a place where I get harder-to-find true crime reads)

Why I got it: I had just finished reading The Innocent Man by John Grisham and somehow was reading something about the ethics of journalists speaking to convicted criminals. I found out that both this book, about a case I loosely knew of, and a later book written about the relationship and dealings between the author and the convicted man was potentially unethical. I decided I should read this, and then the follow up book.

Thoughts so far: I like the book, but having to read the weird recount of his and his wife’s relationship (even if he is completely innocent and his family was killed by murderous hippies and not him) is blatantly nauseating. What a weird way to talk about a person you love, like they are gentle and naive and easy-to-manipulate. Then again, is this the author’s influence? I like the story of the case, but this book just isn’t grabbing me as much as the others. Will obviously persist though, because it’s a pretty landmark account.

So yeah, that’s what I’m reading at the moment. Feel free to let me know what kind of creepy stuff you are reading/have read and recommend and I will check it out.

Danke, weirdos.







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