The Story So Far: Mid-2018 Summary

Guys, I’ve got you sorted. I get it, alright? Sometimes you want to know if a film is worth the risk of an illegal download. Like, what if you get caught and have to go to jail and wear sanitary pads on your feet because prison showers probably have a lot of bacteria swimming around in them because we, as a country, have an incredibly fucked up legal system that includes sub-fucking-par health and hygiene standards? But, like, what if that happens and the film wasn’t even good?! Man, you’d be so pissed. And another (but, you know, probably not equally) God-awful thing is leaving the house. For anything. You deffo don’t want to risk doing that for no good reason.

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The Cursed Image

In today’s episode of Shit I Wish I Never Saw, I bring to you a carefully curated collection of the best cursed images online. We make a departure from my usual horror media reviews and instead take a trip into the terrifying depths of the world wide web. Have /r/eyebleach open in a new tab ready for the cure, because I’m about to ruin everything.

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Mom and Dad (2017)

How do you feel about being punched in the face and in the heart over and over again? How do you feel about filicide? How do you feel about growing up, finding a career, getting married, buying a house, having kids, growing old and losing your edge? Well, my friends, if you don’t know the answers to these questions yet, you will by the end of Mom and Dad (2017).

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